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Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods: e-banking, bank transfer, cash on delivery and payment by installments (lease).

Payment by e-banking

Simply log in to your e-banking system and confirm the automatically generated payment template for the goods.

Payment by bank transfer

You can pay for the goods by bank transfer according to the invoice sent to you - paying money at the cash register of any bank or using your online banking system. 
Remember after completing the payment to send its copy by fax: 8-37 759024 or by email:

Payment in cash

You can pay for the item (s) in cash to the courier who brought it. If you pay for the order in cash try to have the exact amount of cash specified in your order at the time of delivery.
The maximum amount of cash a courier can collect is 290 Eur. Please pay the remaining part by bank transfer.

Our contacts:
UAB Krinona
Registered office address: A. Strazdo g. 70, 48460 Kaunas
Registered address: A. Strazdo g. 70, 48460 Kaunas
Company code: 134884165
VAT identification number: LT348841610

AB Danske Bankas
Checking Account: LT34 7400 0139 9052 3810
Bank Identifier code: 74000, SWIFT: SMPOLT22 

Purchase by lease
We currently offer Mokilizingas lease service ""Pay by installments online"". All lease procedures are arranged online, by phone and during the delivery of goods no matter in which part of Lithuania you are.
To purchase in installments online, you will need to provide additional personal info in the order form. After receiving an order our manager will check whether you will receive credit or not and will contact you to explain the following steps.

Mokilizingas lease service ""Pay by installments online"" requires the following documents:
1. Identity document (passport, identity card, new edition driving license or permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania).
2. Government officials with status will be required to provide an additional service certificate.
3. Retirees receiving a state pension of officers, soldiers or judges will be required to provide an additional retiree certificate.
4. Farmers will be required to submit a farmers farms registration certificate.
5. Consent to manage personal data.

Use the Mokilizingas calculator to find out how much and how you will have to pay for the goods.

Terms & conditions of the contract:
• contract can last from 6 to 48 months;
• financed amount: 50–10 000 €;

A new feature of the service is that it provides wider financing possibilities - the contract can be formed by 2 people, family members or partners thus letting to make a purchase with better conditions. When purchasing in installments together you will receive the best discounts of the privilege program which can be received by at least one of the purchasers.

Calculation example
For example when you are borrowing 300 Eur with a contract for 12 months annual interest rate - 0%, contract fee - 7%, APRC - 13.44%, total amount - 321 Eur, monthly installment - 26.75 Eur. Financing conditions may change after evaluating your solvency and risks when you pay the initial installment or by choosing another contract term and the date of payments.

Signing consent online

If you have any questions - call 8 655 94094 or write an e-mail:
We guarantee that all your payments will be made securely.